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Daily contact with people who are sick, old or dying requires a lot of commitment, patience, flexibility, care and often specialized knowledge.

There are things in our daily life that we cannot easily cope with, because we are unable to repeat or practice them. These include growing old, disease and dying. Although we have known about these things since an early age, we are seldom prepared for when they are happen.

Caring for somebody in the beginning is not always successful. The perso needs to be open to understanding, experience and inner calmness. We often don't pay enough attention to these essential issues during school, education and studies. Therefore doctors, carers, relatives, medical staff and other concerned people often find it a burden when dealing with disease, aging and dying. It makes sense to deal with these aspects of life as early as possible.

Understanding and a changing of expectations and pattern can help handle complex and different circumstances. At the same time there is a possibility to benefit from these experiences.